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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you get forge bloodlines?

These bloodlines are earned through the Forge Bloodline ambition, available to duke+ rulers with very high prestige. The prestige cost will be higher if anyone of your dynasty has succeeded at this ambition (even if that bloodline has died out).

What are the HF bloodline events from Holy Fury?

These are HF bloodline events from Holy Fury . Killed by brazen bull - From Targetted decision. - First time On death: check for murders. on war ended victory: check for war variable. on war ended defeat: check for war variable.

How do you get all of these bloodlines?

These bloodlines all come from a quest chain you can run into while on the Forge Bloodline ambition. You can choose to pursue any of these, though your stats and traits may effect how long it takes and what the cost is. Those Conquest ones... can you get them both at once?

What bloodline do you have to have to build a castle?

I make sure to have at least 1 architect and Ruthlessness bloodline. Then if i plan to have a castle as my capital, i get peace castelan and murder/builder bloodline.

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