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Frequently Asked Questions

Why did Florida condo collapse?

A condo in Surfside, Florida collapsed unexpectedly on June 24. At least 128 people are missing. Insider spoke with three structural engineers to find out why such a building might abruptly fall. Common causes include poor maintenance or eroding soil under a structure's foundation. Something is loading.

When did the Florida bridge collapse?

That's what knocked down Florida's Sunshine Skyway bridge in 1980, killing 35 people, and the I-40 bridge near Webbers Falls, Oklahoma, in 2002, killing 14, and a causeway in Louisiana in 1964, killing 14.

What is a building collapse?

The Collapse of Buildings. Buildings, like all structures, are designed to support certain loads without deforming excessively. The loads are the weights of people and objects, the weight of rain and snow and the pressure of wind--called live loads --and the dead load of the building itself.

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