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Frequently Asked Questions

How to cascaded bloodlines?

To be cascaded correctly, bloodlines require history of dynasties to be flawless: To inherit an inheritance = patrilineal through the mother, marriage has to be set as matrilineal in character history, if applicable. Add a custom modifier to associate a localization key to describe the feature.

How do I find the founder of a bloodline?

There’s no real way to speed up this next step; you need to open each bloodline one by one by clicking on them. This will show you the founder. If you click on the bloodline button, it’ll show you all of their bloodlines (which is usually just the one that they’ve founded).

How do I access the bloodlines menu?

From there you can pull up the Bloodlines menu by clicking the icon between the artifact Treasury and Great Works menus. In the Bloodlines menu you can then click the blood icon next to the founder's portrait to pull up a menu with each living member holding that particular bloodline.

How do I see a list of living descendants of bloodlines?

In the "Bloodlines" page of the Ledger: To see a quick summary of bloodline effects: hover the entry To see a list of living descendants: click an entry to view its founder, then click the bloodline icon (on their character page), then click the bloodline icon (on the bloodline itself).

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