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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the signs and symptoms of a fever?

Depending on what's causing your fever, additional fever signs and symptoms may include: 1 Sweating 2 Chills and shivering 3 Headache 4 Muscle aches 5 Loss of appetite 6 Irritability 7 Dehydration 8 General weakness

What are the symptoms of a fever in a 10 year old?

Children with fevers may become more uncomfortable as the temperature rises. In addition to a body temperature greater than 100.4°F (38°C), symptoms may include: Your child may not be as active or talkative as usual. He or she may seem fussier, less hungry, and thirstier. Your child may feel warm or hot.

How to treat a fever?

How to Treat a Fever 1 Increase the amount of liquid you’re drinking, especially water. 2 Take your temperature every two hours. Each time you take your temperature,... 3 Take your temperature before the end of two hours if your other symptoms change. 4 For fevers that are uncomfortable, sponge the body with lukewarm, not cold...

What are the symptoms of a low-grade fever?

Low-grade fever may accompany other symptoms of infection including: 1 Abdominal pain or cramping 2 Burning with urination, urinary frequency, or urgency 3 Cough 4 Diarrhea 5 Fatigue 6 Muscle aches, joint aches, headaches, or earaches 7 Nausea with or without vomiting 8 Rash 9 Redness or tenderness of the skin 10 Shortness of breath More items...

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