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Frequently Asked Questions

Can a fever cause a rash?

Many viruses can cause a rash in addition to other symptoms such as high temperature (fever) and cough. Many of these rashes are 'nonspecific'. This means the rash is not specific or characteristic enough to identify the virus that is causing the rash.

Do you have a rash from hay fever?

Rash is not a common symptom of hay fever, but it can happen occasionally. Some people are more prone to developing a hay fever rash than others. Hay fever can also make your skin feel generally itchy without causing a rash. True hay fever rashes cause red, raised welt-like bumps called hives.

What is the treatment for scarlet fever rash?

Typically, the treatment for scarlet fever is the same as that for strep throat. Your doctor will give your child an antibiotic. It's important that she finish it all.

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