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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you get a rash after a fever?

Several common childhood illnesses, including roseola and scarlet fever, can cause a rash to develop after the fever passes. A fever is not a disease but a sign that the body’s immune system is fighting an infection. The body raises its core temperature to fight off the invading bacteria or viruses.

What causes a rash after a fever?

Roseola is the most common infection to cause a rash after a fever. Roseola is a viral infection. These symptoms are quite suggestive of a classic childhood viral infection known as roseola. Fever (temperature often 102°F [39°C] or higher) without any other symptoms can leave parents and pediatricians alike looking for answers.

Why do I have a rash on my face?

Skin rashes may also be related to allergic contact dermatitis, caused by skin contact with allergens such as nickel, topical antibiotics, latex or the chemicals in cosmetics, shampoos or perfume. .

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