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Frequently Asked Questions

Is feed a noun?

“Feed” as a Noun that Means “Food”. (Food that is created in a factory or made from a recipe.) (B) The food is eaten by animals that are being kept for business purposes (farm animals, animals for sale in a pet store, laboratory animals, etc.). Understanding this noun form of feed is especially important on the TOEFL.

How do you feed a fish?

Feed in tiny portions. While many people have heard that fish require a "pinch" of flake food each feeding, giving them too large a pinch can give the fish digestive problems or make the tank dirty and unhealthy. Whatever type of dry food you are using, only put in as much food as your fish can eat in 3 to 5 minutes.

What is the definition of feed?

To feed is defined as to provide food for someone or something, or to take in and eat food or to put more wood on a fire. An example of feed is when you prepare dinner for your family. An example of feed is when a newborn baby drinks milk from a bottle or when a cow consumes grass.

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