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Frequently Asked Questions

What is convert-etl2pcapng?

Convert-Etl2Pcapng A PowerShell wrapper for etl2pcapng, which converts packet captures in ETL format generated by ndiscap (the ETW provider in Windows that produces packet capture events) to pcapng format (readable by Wireshark). # FUNCTION : Register-Etl2Pcapng # PURPOSE : Registers the ecript to ETL files function Register-Etl2Pcapng

What is an ETL File?

When using NETSH to capture a network trace, it generates a specialized file with an ETL file extension. For the last few years, Microsoft has used a variety of tools to decode and view the data in ETL files, mainly NetMon, Windows Performance Analyzer and Microsoft Message Analyzer.

What is the output of a pcapng file?

After converting the file, the tool prints a table which shows mappings between Windows interface indices and pcapng interface IDs. The output pcapng file will have a comment on each packet indicating the PID of the current process when the packet was logged.

What is the difference between cab and ETL files?

Simply opening the CAB file you can see there are lots of TXT files with human readable System Information, Registry Keys, and Event Logs. But the ETL file has all the network trace data. How do you get into that?

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