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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between ETL and ELT?

Most data integration tools skew towards ETL, while ELT is popular in database and data warehouse appliances. Similarly, it is possible to perform TEL (Transform, Extract, Load) where data is first transformed on a blockchain (as a way of recording changes to data, e.g., token burning) before extracting and loading into another data store.

What are the methods used to perform ETL?

The following sections highlight the common methods used to perform these tasks. Extract, transform, and load (ETL) is a data pipeline used to collect data from various sources. It then transforms the data according to business rules, and it loads the data into a destination data store.

What are the benefits of ETL?

ETL gives more accurate data analysis to meet compliance and regulatory standards. You can integrate ETL tools with data quality tools to profile, audit, and clean data, ensuring that the data is trustworthy. ETL automates repeatable data processing tasks for efficient analysis.

What is the difference between ETL and analytics?

The ETL process requires more definition at the beginning. Analytics needs to be involved from the start to define target data types, structures, and relationships. Data scientists mainly use ETL to load legacy databases into the warehouse, and ELT has become the norm today.

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