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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the prerequisites for ETL testing?

ETL Testing involves comparing of large volumes of data typically millions of records. The data that needs to be tested is in heterogeneous data sources (eg. databases, flat files). Data is often transformed which might require complex SQL queries for comparing the data.

What does “ETL approved” mean?

Electronic Testing Laboratories (ETL) basically refers to a facility approved to carry out tests. Testing is designed to satisfactorily meet safety requirements, preventing faults and injury. This is an absolute must for products that we keep within our homes.

What does ETL certification stand for?

The ETL mark, short for Edison Testing Laboratories, is, in part, an equipment safety certification program operated by the laboratory, Intertek. Intertek is one of the few NRTLs (Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratories), a third-party testing program which is overseen by OSHA.

What is the difference between ETL listed and UL listed?

What Is the Difference Between ETL Listed and UL Listed? The difference between ETL Listed and UL Listed is that ETL means a product was tested and approved by Intertek Testing Services (formerly Edison Testing Laboratories), and UL means it was tested and approved by Underwriters Laboratories. Both are Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratories.

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