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Frequently Asked Questions

What are ETL listed marks?

ETL Listed Marks are similar to UL Listed Marks in the respect that they demonstrate a product’s compliance to certain standards and requirements. At Coast Label we are experts at manufacturing compliance labels including Intertek’s ETL mark.

How do I print ETL and UL labels?

You can print the safety marks in-house or opt for a label printer such as Coast Label to manufacture your ETL and UL labels. You’ll want to label your products so that your ETL and UL Listing labels are visible and easy to read. You also need to make sure the labels will adhere to your products.

How do I display the ETL safety Mark?

Some common ways to display the ETL safety mark include adhesive labels, metal nameplates, laser etches, and stamps. You are allowed to enlarge or decrease the size of the ETL mark proportionally. One of the most important things, however, is to make sure that your ETL label is legible and visible.

What is an ETL certified product?

When a product carries the ETL Verified Mark, it is evidence that the product is compliant with specific performance and design standards. Products that bear the ETL Verified Mark are considered to be highly reliable, elevating the level of trust that customers have in the product performance.

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