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Frequently Asked Questions

What is ETL Global UK?

ETL Global UK is represented by 20 partner firms around the UK. With specialists across the accounting, tax, legal and audit sectors. Part of a leading global network of professionals and service firms. ETL Global is active across more than 50 countries and expanding. Business size should not limit the opportunity for growth.

Is ETL the best tax consultancy firm in Germany?

In the domain of tax consultancy ETL is the market leader nationally and counts among the top 5 auditing and tax consultancy firms in Germany with a revenue about over 900 Mio. Euro. More than 7.000 employees are working in Germany for over 180.000 clients – including more than 1.500 tax...

How many partners does the ETL Group have?

The ETL Group employs 10,000 partners and staff, including more than 1,500 tax advisors, lawyers, auditors and management consultants. Currently, the group has some 200,000 clients in about 870 offices across Germany. Additionally, the ETL Group operates in almost 50 countries throughout the world under the "ETL Global" brand.

Who is ETL interactive?

Non profit organizations ETL Interactive is a member of the Triana Group alliance, an international corporate development firm based in New York. The partnership provides additional expertise in: software and hardware technologies, medical services, biotechnology and healthcare technologies. HOME Services Our work Client references

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