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Frequently Asked Questions

What data sources can I use with azure?

Choose from more than 90 built-in connectors to acquire data from Big Data sources like Amazon Redshift, Google BigQuery, HDFS; enterprise data warehouses like Oracle Exadata, Teradata; SaaS apps like Salesforce, Marketo, and ServiceNow; and all Azure data services. Use the full capacity of underlying network bandwidth, up to 5 GB/s throughput.

How do I access external data stored in Azure Blob Storage?

With PolyBase and the COPY statement, you can access external data stored in Azure Blob storage or Azure Data Lake Store via the T-SQL language. For the most flexibility when loading, we recommend using the COPY statement. What is ELT?

How can Azure Data Factory help you manage your pipelines?

Maintaining pipelines with a rapidly changing data landscape can quickly become time-consuming, involving manual interventions. In Azure Data Factory, you can not only monitor all your activity runs visually, you can also improve operational productivity by setting up alerts proactively to monitor your pipelines.

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