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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an epsilon delta function?

The epsilon-delta definition works a bit like a challenge/response. For a given ϵ > 0, we are challenged to find a δ > 0 that satisfies the given criteria. Consider the function f(x) = 4x + 1. Clearly, at x = 3 this function takes on the value of 4(3) − 1 = 11.

How do you prove a limit using the ε\varepsilonε-δ\deltaδ technique?

In general, to prove a limit using the ε\varepsilonε-δ\deltaδ technique, we must find an expression for δ\deltaδ and then show that the desired inequalities hold. The expression for δ\deltaδ is most often in terms of ε,\varepsilon,ε, though sometimes it is also a constant or a more complicated expression.

What does εvarepsilonε-δdeltaδ mean?

In calculus, the εvarepsilonε-δdeltaδ definition of a limit is an algebraically precise formulation of evaluating the limit of a function. Informally, the definition states that a limit LLL of a function at a point x0x_0x0​ exists if no matter how x0x_0 x0​ is approached, the values returned by the function will always approach LLL.

What is the epsilon-delta identity?

A commonly occurring relation in many of the identities of interest - in particular the triple product - is the so-called epsilon-delta identity: Note well that this is the contraction3.2of two third rank tensors.!

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