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Frequently Asked Questions

How to get trade license in Dhaka City Corporation?

You need to collect trade license application Form Dhaka City Corporation. If you are a foreigner you must need a copy of your passport. Receipt of ownership evidence & tax payment receipt. Statement of Court, Printing for Compliance with the Rules and Regulations of City Corporation.

How to get E-Trade License in Bangladesh?

Visit for e-trade license Chalan form- Collect a form from Government Sonali Bank at the nearest branch (TR Form No. 6 that is SR 37). Fill up form as – Note: Amount of Taka 350-10,000 depend up on nature of business. City Corporation tax department-They will deduct an amount of Taka 200—and above in receipt book.

How to get a trade license in UAE?

Once the audit is done, you must collect the license (cost you 50 to 100 taka) and submit the K-Form with necessary documents to the zonal office. Trade license is the part of company registration, it could be foreign or local. Upon submission of the papers, the licensing supervisor will visit in your business area for further verification.

How much does it cost to start a signboard business in Bangladesh?

It usually cost around 350-10,000 Taka, depending on the type of business. How much I need to pay for signboard license? You need to pay 30% for the license to obtain signboard license.

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