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Frequently Asked Questions

What does debut mean?

• DEBUT (noun) The noun DEBUT has 2 senses: 1. the act of beginning something new 2. the presentation of a debutante in society

What is another word for debut?

Synonyms for Debut: n. Other synonyms: • bankable, opening night, conjure, pyrotechnics, recite, revival, pageant, perform, rendition, showstopper, improvise, off-screen, exhibition, stellar, booking, production, premiere, swan song, flyover, staging, matinee, first night, coming-out, Theatricals, performance.

What does debut mean in music?

(ˈdeɪbjuː; ˈdɛbjuː) n. 1. (Theatre) a. the first public appearance of an actor, musician, etc, or the first public presentation of a show. b. (as modifier): debut album.

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