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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Community Bank have a loan application process?

No, Community Bank, N.A. would like the opportunity to do business with you. Please contact your nearest local branch for more information on how to start a loan application process.

How do I contact Community Bank’s online banking?

(Hint: The same credentials are used to access mobile banking and online banking.) Or reach out to us at 1-800-991-4280. Which web browsers are compatible with Community Bank’s online banking? We support the most recent version and one previous version of Microsoft Edge, Firefox, Safari and Google Chrome.

How can community bank help your business?

Experience the ease and security of Business Online banking with Community Bank. select your nearest CBNA location. Use our ACH Origination program to establish and transmit electronic files for payroll, cash management, state and federal tax payments, and more select your nearest CBNA location. Our business credit cards can help all sorts of ways.

What is community National Bank Express?

Community Express allows you direct access to your Community National Bank checking, savings, CD, line of credit, mortgage, and loan account information. You can check balances, transfer funds, and even download transaction information to financial management software.

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