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Frequently Asked Questions

How to correct fallen arches?

Shifting the weight around your foot from the inside to outside edge of your feet while standing can be an effective way to strengthen arches to help correct the fallen arch. If this adjustment is difficult, a podiatrist might recommend orthotics. The large muscles that control your ankle movements can also help fix your arches.

Are fallen arches painful?

Some people have fallen arches, and they aren’t even aware of it; fallen arches are sometimes asymptomatic and do not always cause pain. However, for others, the following symptoms may be present: Foot pain, particularly in the arches or heels; Leg or back pain; Feet feel tired quickly; Swelling in the feet; and. Difficulty moving the feet.

Can fallen arches cause knee pain?

Flat feet, or fallen arches, is a common foot abnormality caused by loose tendons. In fact, 25-percent of Americans have this condition. Most people with flat feet don't experience serious problems related to their condition. Unfortunately, for some, it can cause disabling foot pain, as well as. Knee pain.

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