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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best classic cars to buy?

Popular models include the Chevrolet Corvette, Chevrolet Camaro, Ford Mustang, Chevy trucks, and Ford pickups. Other in demand makes include offerings by Pontiac, Volkswagen, Jeep, Mercedes-Benz, and Chrysler. Search classic trucks, antique cars, muscle cars, pony cars, kit cars, replicas, hot rods, and performance cars.

What is the average price of a classic car?

Today's average price for one of these blue chips is just shy of $3.2 million. Hagerty also developed the Affordable Classics Index, which includes 12 classics priced under $40,000. This index has also been trending up since 2007, with one the average value of one car currently sitting at $47,000.

Are classic cars a good investment?

Classic cars can be a sound investment for the right buyer, having the potential of providing better long-term returns than art or property. Currently, the price of classic cars is up, so if the costs of buying, restoring, and maintaining such a vehicle doesn’t put you off, then investing in a classic car might not be the worst idea in the world.

Where can I buy classic cars?

Whether you are looking at buying your dream car or selling a classic or collector car, Hemmings has thousands of premium classics for sale in our online Inventory.

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