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Frequently Asked Questions

How many police officers does San Mateo County have?

Our staff, which consists of 115 sworn police officers and 44 full-time civilian positions, is devoted to protecting and serving the citizens of San Mateo professionally, while providing outstanding customer service.

How much does the San Mateo County Parks Department pay?

The San Mateo County Parks Department is accepting applications for Assistant Director of Parks Please view the online brochure for a detailed description of this position and instructions on how to apply! Limited Term - $8,474.27 - $10,592.40 Monthly Category: Health Services / Public Health / Management / Laboratory

How much does San Mateo Medical Center (SMMC) pay?

About San Mateo Medical Center The San Mateo Medical Center (SMMC), located in the San Francisco Bay Area, is a public hospital and clinic system operating outpatient clinics throughout San Mateo County, and an acute-care hospital in San Mateo. SMMC... Full-Time - $7,420.40 - $9,271.60 Monthly

Does San Mateo medical center hire psychiatrists?

ADULT PSYCHIATRIST POSITION, SAN MATEO MEDICAL CENTER San Mateo Medical Center's Department of Psychiatry is looking for full-time Psychiatrists to join our core medical staff. Compensation : Salary : Physicians working as inpatient psychiatrists receive a 10% premium pay over the base pay listed above.

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