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Frequently Asked Questions

Should I start vaping CBD?

When it comes to vaping CBD, it’s best to start simple. A vape pen that uses a cartridge system, either disposable or replaceable cartridges, is a great starter point. These basic vaporizer tools are easy to use, and usually come along with a “starter kit” that includes the charger and a cartridge or two.

Does vaping CBD smell like weed?

The general answer is “NO”. Some CBD products have stronger terpene profiles than others and they may have a small amount of “weed” smell to some. Although, this is not typical. For the most part, CBD Vape products do not produce a strong enough odor for others to detect the content, whether it’s “weed” or neutral altogether.

Can you use an e-cig for vaping CBD oil?

CBD oil vaporises at approximately 200℃ which is perfect for use within an e-cig. It is nicotine free, and does not produce a high. In conjunction with vaping, there is promising evidence that CBD use may help people to quit smoking.

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