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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Catseye pest management?

Catseye is an industry-leader in pest management and wildlife control and exclusion in the Northeast United States, including Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, and New Hampshire.

What is Catseye rodent control?

Catseye will remove and prevent future pest infestations from affecting your property. Our rodent control services include a three-step process of rodent removal, clean-up, and exclusion to ensure that mice and other rodent infestations are completely eradicated.

What are Catseye exclusion services?

Exclusion services from Catseye are natural, chemical-free, long-term solutions that offer permanent protection. Our Cat-Guard services are guaranteed to protect homes and businesses from wildlife through permanent exclusion on all levels.

How do I contact Catseye's customer service?

Excellent service. Professional knowledgeable service. CALL AT 8604612270. I have always believed that without great customer service, no business could be successful. Catseye's… Read More Excellant customer service and a fast response! They explained step by step to what was… Read More Excellent customer service and very professional technicians.

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