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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Catseye XI?

Welcome to CatsEyeXI! Welcome to CatsEye XI! CatsEye XI is a private Final Fantasy XI server that has quality of life improvements while still maintaining the 75 era feel that is beloved by many FFXI players. Create an account and join the community!

What is included in the Catseye XI launcher?

The CatsEye XI Launcher comes preinstalled with all of the addons that are approved for our server, and an HD .DAT pack provided by Ashenbubs! After launching the installer, you will be promtped to install several pre-requisites. All pre-requisites are required for proper operation.

Is there a server emulator for Final Fantasy XI?

GitHub - CatsAndBoats/catseyexi: LandSandBoat - a server emulator for Final Fantasy XI. Just an X-34 landspeeder out for a drive. This branch is 211 commits behind LandSandBoat:base . Failed to load latest commit information. Welcome to LandSandBoat, an open source server emulator for FFXI.

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