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Frequently Asked Questions

What is catseyetm collimation?

The CATSEYETM collimation system and precision products provide cutting-edge passive-tool collimation technology for the Newtonian Observer. High-resolution, bright image queues and ease of use are the hallmarks of this uniquely engineered set of collimation tools for fast and easy alignment of scope optics DAY or NIGHT !

What is the Catseye Infinity xlkp autocollimator collimation tool?

Catseye Infinity XLKP Autocollimator Collimation Tool: Newtonian astrograph telescope users can now confidently take autocollimator focuser-axis alignment to the next level of precision without the need of a focuser drawtube extension.

How much does a Catseye autocollimator cost?

Enter the Catseye Infinity XLKP autocollimator collimation tool in four barrel-extension lengths ( Image 1 ): 1.0, 1.5, 2.0 and 2.5 inches ($154 to $184US). Additionally, all Catseye autocollimators are now enhanced with flat-black anodized barrels and identified with a handsome laser-engraved logo/Model graphic.

How do I determine the correct autollimator length for collimation?

Collimation using a Catseye collimation tool is always done without a corrector/reducer component in the optical path. To ascertain the appropriate Extended-Body XLKP autollimator length to use, the primary mirror’s native focal plane location (prime focus) relative to the focuser must be determined.

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