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Frequently Asked Questions

What to do at Catseye Beach?

The long and curved Catseye Beach is a beautiful place to while away the hours - soaking up some sun, enjoying a good book, or swimming in the turquoise water. Take a guided snorkelling tour. Hamilton Island Beach Sports also offers guided snorkelling tours where you can explore the local fringing reef.

Where can I snorkel off Hamilton Island?

With an existing coral reef just off Hamilton Island the snorkeling opportunities are fantastic for guests. You are able to hire snorkel equipment from our Beach Sports Hut on Catseye Beach and explore the area independently. Simply head out to the fringing reef directly off Hamilton Island’s Catseye Beach at low tide.

What to do at low tide on catsye Beach?

At low tide on Catsye Beach, a popular activity is to explore the flats and take a leisurely stroll on the sand and see the island from a different perspective. If you keep your eye peeled you might even spot a turtle or some hermit crabs! Sand Castle time on Catseye Beach.

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