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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Catseye pest control a good company?

If you don’t see your neighborhood listed above, Casteye encourages you to call the customer service number for a quote, as they may be able to send a service provider to your address from a nearby branch. Catseye USA, the parent company of Catseye Pest Control, is accredited with the Better Business Bureau (BBB), but it has an A+ rating.

What are Catseye exclusion services?

Exclusion services from Catseye are natural, chemical-free, long-term solutions that offer permanent protection. Our Cat-Guard services are guaranteed to protect homes and businesses from wildlife through permanent exclusion on all levels.

How do I contact Catseye?

I Love Catseye. Need Catseye immediately? Call us at 888-260-3980 for prompt service, or schedule online to get started.

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