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Frequently Asked Questions

Is cat's eye based on a manga?

Cat's Eye (キャッツ アイ) is a TV anime series based on Cat's Eye manga series by Tsukasa Hojo. It was originally broadcasted in 1983 to 1984 on Nippon TV, with a second season ending in 1985. It has also received two live-action adaptations; a TV movie in 1988 and a theatrical film in 1997.

What is the cat's eye in the Shimazu Museum?

Cat's Eye targets the "Purple Orpheus", the special exhibit piece of the newly-opened Shimazu Museum. Unbeknownst to them, the amethyst is actually a bait to lure them inside. Although Rui is somewhat suspicious of the lack of security in place and non-publication of the Cat's Eye notice, Hitomi and Ai sees nothing but a good opportunity.

Who is Murakami in cat's eye?

Additionally, the new chief, Murakami, proves to be an ambitious opponent for Cat's Eye. Nevertheless, Toshio, Asatani and the Chief join forces for a guerilla operation to prove their worth and restore themselves to their old posts.

Who is Toshio in cat's eye?

Toshio is one of the detectives who is trying to catch Cat's Eye, yet he has no clue how close she actually is. There is also quite a lot of comedy sprinkled in as well as some fanservice. Now, the fanservice in this show is just some light teasing, so it never gets too bad.

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