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Frequently Asked Questions

Is cat's eye based on a true story?

Instead of four separate tales, "Cat's Eye" has just three, with a plucky tabby cat intervening through all three stories. And all three segments are directed by the same man (Lewis Teague). Stephen King wrote all three segments, with the first two segments based on short stories written by King.

How much money did cat's eye make?

Cat's Eye was released theatrically in the United States by MGM on April 12, 1985. It grossed $13,086,298 at the domestic box office. [1] Roger Ebert gave the film three stars out of four and wrote, "Stephen King seems to be working his way through the reference books of human phobias, and 'Cat's Eye' is one of his most effective films." [3]

What is through the eye of the cat?

Through the eye of the cat, a twisted tail of macabre suspense from the author of CARRIE, The SHINING and THE DEAD ZONE. Against the director Lewis Teague 's wishes, the studio cut out a prologue that explained the cat's motivations. They considered it "too silly." As a result, many viewers were confused by the connection between the three stories.

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