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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy boys underwear for my child?

– Find a wide range of boys underwear here at Target - offering comfortable styles to suit toddlers through to pre-teens. Choose from classic styles that are wardrobe staples, or fun printed designs featuring their favourite super heroes.

Is target selling packing underwear?

Target is also selling packing underwear, which is used by females to wear a packer, which gives the appearance of having a penis. Concerned Women for America LAC tweeted, “This dangerous ideology is so deeply embedded in mainstream culture that young girls can now buy chest binders at their local @Target.

What is target’s New ‘Queer’ Collection?

According to Target, the new collection features underwear, activewear, and swimwear by queer brands TomboyX and Humankind and includes products that are worn to alter one’s physical appearance. Included among the array of Pride merchandise Target is hawking are binders for women to compress their breasts, so their chest appears more masculine.

Is target’s new LGBTQ+ clothing line the future of fashion?

With Pride month right around the corner, Target is letting its rainbow flag fly with a new LGBTQ+ clothing line that includes breast binders and packing underwear.

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