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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Ariana Grande have a new boyfriend?

Ariana Grande has a new boyfriend and fans may well recognise him. The 23-year-old is in the early stages of dating rapper Mac Miller, who played her boyfriend in her music video for The Way three years ago.

Is Chris Brown dating Ariana Grande?

Chris Brown and Ariana Grande ignited dating rumors after it was released that the duo was working on a song together. According to various outlets, bad boy CB and the pop princess started hooking up soon after they teamed up for the duet.

Are Ariana Grande and Big Sean back together?

Ariana Grande & Big Sean Did Not Split, Are Still Together. Ariana Grande and Big Sean have not split, her rep confirms to Ariana‘s relationship with Sean is just one of the things that helped make 2014 one of her biggest years yet.

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