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Frequently Asked Questions

What are Bloodlines and how do I get them?

Having a Bloodline in your character will convey a bonus based on who founded it, and there are many different Bloodlines to be found (and Founded). Bloodlines are only available with the Holy Fury DLC.

Do raw effects stack Between Bloodlines?

As a rule of thumb, raw effects (such as personal combat skill increase, or monthly prestige) stack between multiple bloodlines, while special effects do not. Special effects are handled as flags by the game and having the same flag set multiple times doesn't do anything for you.

How do you unlock bloodlines in Destiny 2?

Bloodlines are only available with the Holy Fury DLC. Some can be gained through special actions, such as by building a Legend as a Warrior Lodge Hero, others can be unlocked by performing impressive feats, such as being an extraordinarily dedicated Viking raider or restoring Israel.

Can you forge your own bloodline in Holy Fury?

Forging your own bloodline has to be the most satisfying thing to do in Holy Fury. I became a Warrior Philosopher King in my Haesteinn of Nantes run to conquer England as a Norman. Role playing has always been my favorite thing in Ck2 and this DLC just adds so much to it. Thanks Paradox! what do you need to do for this bloodline?

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