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Frequently Asked Questions

Is CPR+ compatible with the SVN version of Elder Kings?

Compatible with the SVN Version of Elder Kings revision 2045 but should work on 2048 and revisions that don't make changes to the religion files. CPR+ for Elder Kings by AlanerPolska/Artay.

Are Elder Kings mods compatible with other versions of Elder Kings?

Although the Elder Kings team takes no responsibility for the compatibility of submods with Elder Kings itself, if the submod developer (s) find their respective projects to be compatible with a particular version of Elder Kings, we'll list that with the mod itself as an easy reference.

Which version of Ayleid is compatible with CK2?

Currently compatible with CK2 version One version is compatible with the Elder Kings 0.2.1 release; another version is compatible with the SVN version. Ayleid Enhanced by Miklu.

When will Lodbrok's bloodline be found?

Ragnarr 'Lodbrok' will gain his nickname and bloodline 780 if the player starts in 769, and in 818 if the player starts at a later date. If Árpád succeeds in his Magyar Conquest of Hungary against Bulgaria he’ll found his bloodline. If William succeeds in his invasion of England he’ll found his bloodline.

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