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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Fierna in Greek mythology?

Fierna was the lady of Phlegethos who, along with Belial, her father, were the only archdevils allowed to share rulership over one of the Nine Hells by Asmodeus. In their peculiar partnership, Fierna was the young newcomer with fiery passion and undoubtable appeal.

Is Fierna tiefling worth it?

The Fierna Tiefling is the only one that comes with a WIS bonus. The package of charm spells can be useful and work in tandem with the massive CHA boost for a very persuasive character. Ability Score Increase: Most characters choose between WIS or CHA and then dump the other.

Why did Lady Fierna choose the Fleuret family?

It was this act of charity that caught the attention of Lady Fierna. Sensing a chance to grab a foothold on the Prime Plane, the daughter of Belial chose the Fleuret family as her new playthings.

Why does Fierna have red eyes?

Her red eyes shined and smoldered like fires were dancing within them and implicit promises of pleasure could be gleaned from her gaze. Befitting an archdevil of fire, Fierna was well-known for her short fuse and volatile personality, her temper striking fear in almost any devil.

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