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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I monetize my blogspot theme?

Give the best experience to your visitors and customers by using your site. Easily place your Adsense ads or other ads and monetize your blog and increase your revenue quickly. Our Ads Ready Blogger Themes specially customized with best ad places, and it’s able to publish your ads.

What are the best free responsive blogger templates?

Sora One is an excellent free Blogger template for you to build online magazines with. It has the content at your service, all you need to do is utilize it and take it to your advantage. Although a free site canvas, Sora One still has many features to benefit your webspace.

What is the best template for a travel blog?

Honey is the best blogger template for you if you are a travel or lifestyle blogger. It has a social widget that helps you build a good social media presence and connectivity. The template also comes with some other amazing features like a drop-down menu, header and footer column, an email subscription widget and much more.

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