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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best fashion blogs?

List of 30 Best Personal Blogs in Fashion. 1 1. Chiara Ferragni: The Blonde Salad. Where is the blog (and blogger) based? Italy. When was it started? 2009. Who started it? 2 2. Leandra Medine: Man Repeller. 3 3. Wendy Nguyen: Wendy’s Lookbook – Best Fashion Blog. 4 4. Gabi Gregg aka Gabi Fresh. 5 5. Nicolette Mason. More items

Is a company behind the scenes of fashion blogs?

New blogs appear daily, with new fashionistas geared up and ready to share their fashion passion with fans and followers. A company called seems to be behind the scenes of many fashion blogs.

Who is Korean-American fashion blogger?

The Korean-American fashion blogger is a lifestyle and travel blogger, also the Editor-In-Chief of International Fashion Bloggers In Korea. Her blog is a beautiful blend of Western fashion with streaks of Eastern style, serving the best of both the worlds for you. She is a constant at Seoul, New York, and all other big fashion weeks. 14.

Why fashion designers need a blog to promote their products?

Today, numerous fashion designers create extraordinary ways to promote their products. One of the effective ways they choose to boost their credibility online is to create a blog. Today, we’ve handpicked creative, contemporary and practical fashion designer blogs to inspire fellow fashion designers on their online journey.

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