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Frequently Asked Questions

How much will Baber’s take off my next rent payment?

For each new Baber’s customer you refer us, we will take $25 off your next Baber’s payment. Baber’s will match the price of the same brand and model advertised at any of our Rent to Own competitors.. 6 months off rentals with terms of 78 week or more. 3 months off rentals with terms between 52-77 weeks. $5 will be added per week, per agreement.

Why choose Baber's?

We have name brand products available to rent or buy, excellent service and great prices on sofas, refrigerators, washers, laptop and desktop computers, Xbox, Hi-Def televisions (HDTV) and stereos. We follow a simple rule that our customer's satisfaction comes first. So visit a Baber's location today - or view our showroom online.

What kind of furniture do we lease?

We lease every piece of furniture you need to make your house a home. Our types of furniture include: From contemporary to transitional to traditional, the way you design your living room really sets the style for the rest of your home.

Why Lease Your furniture online?

When you lease online, we let you know immediately if you are approved for your furniture. Approval means no more waiting game! We provide flexible lease ownership plans designed to fit your budget – with absolutely no hidden fees.

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