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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Babel Street?

Babel Street constantly innovates to improve the customer experience. Babel Street believes in data as a force for good and we are responsible stewards of that data.

Why basebabel Street?

Babel Street stands apart from the industry with its patented, AI-enabled, linguistics technology coupled with outstanding customer service. “Our vision is to enable our customers to discover, decipher and empower mission-critical insights in real time.” Stay informed and improve decision making. We make your mission our mission.

Is Babel Street the answer to police intelligence?

A company called Babel Street, hailing from Reston, Virginia, might just be the answer. Advertisement Newly released records from the Seattle Police Department indicate that in March of 2016, the agency acquired a two month trial run of Babel Street's Babel X software and Open Source Intelligence training.

Is this redacted version of the Babel Street case public?

This redacted version has been approved for public release. Matter of: Babel Street, Inc. File: B-418730.5; B-418730.6 Damien C. Specht, Esq., R. Locke Bell, Esq., and Victoria Dalcourt Angle, Esq., Morrison & Foerster LLP, for the protester.

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