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Frequently Asked Questions

How does archarchivesspace work?

ArchivesSpace typically contracts with organizations to host training sessions for a fee. The host organization provides the space, determines who to invite and what (if anything) to charge, and registers participants. ArchivesSpace members receive some concessions on fees and priority in scheduling.

Where can I find the training manual for ArchivesSpace?

Oversight for policies around ArchivesSpace and for user training is managed by the Yale Archival Management Systems Committee. The training manual for ArchivesSpace is available online as a Google document. Please don't hesitate to contact the committee and leave a comment on this document if something is unclear to you.

What is the Oklahoma State University ArchivesSpace manual?

This manual, written for Oklahoma State University in 2014, covers basic creation of resource records; updating resource records; and adding notes, subjects, and agents in ArchivesSpace. It is 22 pages and includes screenshots.

Is there an ArchivesSpace membership agreement?

There is an ArchivesSpace membership agreement. The principal points of the agreement articulate what a member can expect of ArchivesSpace membership, as well as the responsibilities of ArchivesSpace members (community contributions, fiduciary responsibility to pay membership, etc.).

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