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Frequently Asked Questions

What airlines fly into Madison Wisconsin?

Facts About Flying to Madison, Wisconsin. In the Last 30 Days: Frontier Airlines, United Airlines, American Airlines were the top airlines travelers picked for flying to Madison. 78% of Madison travelers were over 35. 7% of travelers booked Business or First Class flights to Madison in the last 30 days.

What is the closest airport to Madison Wisconsin?

Nearest major airport to Madison, Wisconsin: The closest major airport to Madison, Wisconsin is Dane County Regional Airport (MSN / KMSN). This airport is 6 miles from the center of Madison, WI. If you're looking for domestic flights to MSN, check the airlines that fly to MSN.

What is the Regional Airport in Madison WI?

Madison Wisconsin Airport is located in International Lane Madison, Wisconsin, United States of America. Since its a adjacent airport for civil and military, it has two tenants Air National Guard and Army National Guard. The airport originally known as Dane County Regional Airport and previously known with the name of Truax Field.

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