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Frequently Asked Questions

Is ageism a real thing?

Yes, ageism is very real. It runs rampant in my industry, which is music industry. As a 42 year old woman, it blows my mind when people think that telling me I am too old for my job is actually an acceptable thing.

What are some examples of ageism?

Butler indicated ageism is shown at both the individual and institutional level. Ageism includes stereotypes, myths, outright disdain and dislike, avoidance of contact, and discrimination in housing, employment, and services of many kinds. For example, I was recently shopping at a store on a busy Saturday.

Why does ageism still exist?

One reason ageism remains an issue is simply our American culture . We live in a youth-obsessed world that spent an estimated $53 billion on antiaging goods and services in 2019. Is it any wonder that our resistance to growing old is shared by the companies that employ us?

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