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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there an RV park in Adelaide Florida?

A Family Owned & Operated, Tropical RV Resort on the Shores of Beautiful Lake Adelaide, Located in the Heart of Central Florida Amenities, and a Great Group of Friends. Red Hats, Shuffleboard, Pickleball, Tennis, Crafts, and More.

Where is Big Bear Shores RV resort?

Located in Southern California’s beautiful San Bernardino mountains on Big Bear Lake, Big Bear Shores is the ultimate RV Resort.

Is the Adelaide Shores office involved in the sale of park models?

The Adelaide Shores Office isn't involved in the sale of used Park Models listed for sale by owner. All Park Model Buyers must be approved by the Adelaide Shores RV Resort Office before purchase.

Where is Golden Shore RV resort located?

Golden Shore RV Resort is conveniently located at the end of the 710 Freeway in Downtown Long Beach. We encourage guests to explore and visit during their stay the many unique shops, restaurants, and attractions in the area including: The Queen Mary.

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