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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best way to find addresses?

The best way to find a person's address is to look it up in an online legal database using correct information for the individual, such as name and phone number. AnyWho, Salestron, and PeopleSmart are examples of websites that allow users to search people's address, as of 2015.

How do you look up an address?

Look up an address with White Pages Find People (See Resources). Type the person's first name into the "First name" text box, type her last name into the "Last name" text box and, if you have this information, type her city/state or ZIP code into the "City, State or ZIP" text box. Click "Find" to look up her address.

How to look up addresses?

The best way to perform an address lookup is by using professional software on a property search website. Property search websites such as typically have access to billions of records and can search and find any results in under a minute.

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