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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a map that shows topography called?

What Are the Different Types of Maps? Topographic Map. A topographic map is a type of map that shows large-scale detail and quantitative information of relief by the use of contour lines and various other methods. Geologic Map. ... Political Map. ... Physical Map. ... Road Map. ... Cadaster Map. ... Dot Distribution Map. ... Thematic Map. ...

What are the 5 types of topography?

According to, there are five major terrain features: hill, ridge, valley, saddle and depression. Variations and combinations of these terrain types make up the topography of the Earth.

What does Topography show?

A topographic map shows topography and features of the Earth's surface represented by various symbols, according to the University of Mount Union. The most common symbol of a topographic map is a contour line, which designates changes in elevation from one point to another.

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