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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a topographic map and how is it used?

What is a Topographic Map? Topographic Map. Topographic maps are detailed maps that represent the graphics features on the Earth's surface. ... Features of the Map. In order for topographic maps to be relevant and useful, the maps must have sufficient information on its size. Producing a Topographic Map. ... Uses of Topographic Maps. ...

What might you see on a topographic map?

A topographic map is a detailed and accurate illustration of man-made and natural features on the ground such as roads, railways, power transmission lines, contours, elevations, rivers, lakes and geographical names.

How do you use a topographic map?

Topographic maps have a horizontal scale to indicate horizontal distances. People use topographic maps to locate surface features in a given area, to find their way through a particular area, and to determine the direction of water flow in a given area. Oceanographers use bathymetric maps to depict the features beneath a body of water.

What does a topographic map indicate?

Features on a topographic map include: Culture: roads, buildings, urban development, boundaries, railways, power transmission lines Water: lakes, rivers, streams, swamps, rapids Relief: mountains, valleys, slopes, depressions Vegetation: wooded and cleared areas, vineyards and orchards Toponymy: place names, water feature names, highway names

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