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Frequently Asked Questions

What are Bloodlines and how do they affect power?

These affect the character's power level more drastically, and come from more potent races, such as elementals, and many dragons and giants. Major bloodlines only come from the most powerful and primal of sources, including celestials, demons, devils, and the mightiest of dragons.

What are the different levels of bloodline strength?

Table: Bloodline Levels Bloodline Level Bloodline Strength Bloodline Strength Bloodline Strength Minor Intermediate Major 1st 12th 6th 3rd 2nd n/a 12th 6th 3rd n/a n/a 12th

How does bloodline level affect character level?

Class levels of "bloodline" do not increase a character's character level the way a normal class level does, but they do provide certain benefits (see below).

What are common bloodline special abilities?

Common bloodline special abilities include bonus feats, natural armor, special attacks (such as the ability to smite evil or smite good), special qualities (such as resistance to energy, spell resistance, or scent), or spell-like abilities. If you already have a feat that a bloodline provides as a bonus feat, you may choose a different feat.

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