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Frequently Asked Questions

Does the tt-02rx come with a remote control?

The TT-02RX also comes with a remote control so teachers can operate the unit away from the desk, as well as video and audio recording capabilities. We are proud to offer the TT-02RX from ELMO, the world’s leading document camera manufacturer.

Is the Elmo tt-02rx worth it?

The Elmo TT-02RX is great for displaying most material for classes and demonstrations. Elmo now has a newer model that provides better color fidelity, so if you are showing opaque objects where true color is important, e.g. art work, then you should look into the more expensive model.

How do I connect the Elmo tt-02rx to my projector?

This allows you to connect both the TT-02RX and your computer directly to your projector and only use one VGA input. Not all projectors have multiple inputs so this is very convenient. You’ll run the VGA cable from you computer to to the Elmo and then another cable from the Elmo to the projector.

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